Multi-Purpose 3 Channel Active Portable PA System with Rechargeable Battery  
  • 2x Class D, 120w RMS Amplifiers              
  • 8" Ferrite Woofer, 3 x 2.75"
  • Wideband Speakers      
  • Blueto

The SM8 is a Multi-Purpose 3 Channel Active Portable PA System with a Rechargeable Battery giving you the freedom to be able to use it in any application to play your sound even when power isn't available!  As a step-up from the SM6, the SM8 offers 2x 120W Class D RMS amplifiers - and an 8.0" woofer, and 3 x 2.75" wideband speakers the power amplifier has the power to ensure that everyone in your group can hear what's going on.  Connect via Bluetooth to any device including microphones, tablets and phones to play music or speeches - with reverb on both input channels.  With a USB Charger it's the ultimate convenience, and an increased frequency response: 50Hz-20kHz and SPL: 95dB - Max SPL: 120dB you can't go past this as a great buy!

  • 53.5cm 
  • 42.5cm
  • 37.7cm
  • 9.9cm
UPC/EAN. 9356790029815